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The Stress-Less Method in your Organisation

With year on year increases of employees reporting that stress is causing sickness or making them feel sicker, we have now truly entered the time to look after our employees.

Physical incentive schemes (such as gym membership, yoga classes and HIIT classes in office) prove to be a popular way for help employees work on their mental and physical health. But is this what the employee actually needs?

The body compounds stress within the body (mental stress, emotional stress, physical stress, nutritional stress.... it's all stress to the body). Diagnosing the level of stress within the body is now a effective way to assess an individual's biological stress which looks at internal recovery to stress.

Excessive biological stress can lead to exhaustion, lack of focus, premature aging, mental health disorders, burnout and many more.

It is therefore essential that as organisations become more aware of corporate wellness, biological stress becomes a big component that has to be factored.

The Stress-Less Method Corporate brings the world of biological fitness to the workplace. Over a longitudinal commitment (6 months to 1 year), we teach either selected individuals or the entire team how to look after their biological, physical and mental fitness.

The service includes:

  • Lunchtime workshops around Mental Health First Aid, Physical Movement and Physiological Recovery
  • Kit to take home and use in their own time
  • Our system called Stress Adaptive Exercise Classes which looks at your current levels of stress and recovery and assign the correct exercise classes to attend to aid your body handle stress better
  • Lunchtime or after-work cooking workshops teaching people about their body and food and cooking recipes that a quick, fun and healthy
  • Onsite classes for employees
  • Experts which employees can see for bespoke 1 to 1 assistance

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Check out one of our participants who took the Stress-Less Method for just only two weeks.

Name: Tracy Kiss

Occupation: Business Woman, Mother

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